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Class Action Litigation

Throughout the years our law firm has represented consumers who have been harmed by large corporations and even government entities. Lawsuits that effect from dozens to thousands of consumers require special attention and approach. Through a series of Class Action lawsuits our attorneys have recovered millions in damages for hundreds of thousands of affected consumers. These cases involved vehicles with defective engine designs to city utility agencies overcharging on trash collection fees.

CA Lemon Law

Some of the most important consumer protection laws in California and the federal system alike protect the consumers who have purchased, finances aor leased new vehicles which turned out to be defective. When the manufacturer cannot fixed the problem after a reasonable number of attempts, the owner is often entitled to full refund of everything he has paid plus costs associated with the ownership of his effective vehicle. In addition to the refund issued to the consumer, the law requires the manufacturers to pay for the associated attorney fees separately without affecting the clients’ recovery.

Auto Dealer Fraud

Buying a used vehicle comes with its share of challenges but being defrauded by an auto dealership does not have to be one of them. If the dealership employee misrepresented any important fact related to your vehicle or the transaction, the fraudulent act gives you legal rights to remedy your losses by obtaining a full refund of anything you have paid for the vehicle in addition to any incidental/related expenses.

Criminal Defense

Any accusation or charge of criminal wrongdoing can carry serious consequences and often are highly time sensitive.

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