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    “Welcome to The Margarian Law Firm! Our attorneys and associates are here to protect your rights and make sure you find a fair and satisfying solution whether you have been defrauded, injured or a victim of some other unfortunate circumstances. We are glad to meet with you at our new and large offices in Glendale, CA or help you over the phone. In either case please do not hesitate to call at (818) 553-1000 for a free case evaluation.”

    Hovanes Margarian - Founder and Lead Counsel at The Margarian Law Firm

CA Lemon Law protects buyers and lessees from serious warranty defects that the dealer of the manufacturer cannot repair. In some cases, you may be entitled to a replacement or a refund for your vehicle. One of the successful Lemon Law settlements is the Lemon Law Buyback…
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Auto dealer fraud is a term that describes deceptive and unlawful practices used by automobile dealers, at almost any stage of the vehicle purchase process. In other words, it is the sale or leasing of a vehicle without proper disclosure of known defects and/or dangerous conditions. Auto Dealer Fraud: Read More

Whether it was a long time ago or recently, you have most likely received a notice which states that YOU are part of a class action lawsuit. In this type of situations we usually do not know how to act or where to go for more information so that to make an informed decision.
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<strong>Class Action Litigation</strong>

Class Action Litigation

Often times businesses implement intentional or negligent business practices that negatively affect the consumer. As a result an individual or an entity may lose anywhere from $50 to $20,000 and not know how to protect his/her rights. Filing and carrying on a lawsuit is an expensive process. Going through the procedure to recover a small amount is usually not feasible. However, consumer class action approach allows a consumer to act as a class representative and carry on a legal action if enough individuals have been affected or have suffered from the same conduct of one entity. This way a lawsuit can be filed and litigated on behalf of hundreds or thousands of individuals making it worthwhile for the courts and the legal community to fight on behalf of each individual consumer affected.
Not every law firm can carry on class actions. The courts look for an attorney or a law firm that have been certified to represent a class previously. Attorneys that have experience in representing a class can properly protect the consumers’ rights and make sure each class member receives the appropriate settlement result.

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California Lemon Law Attorney

Need a California Lemon Law & Dealer Fraud Attorney? Welcome to Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian where we offer aggressive, diligent and result-oriented legal representation to consumers and small businesses in a variety of legal arenas. While we represent many clients on hourly retainers we pride ourselves the most for the contingency fee based work we do for consumers who cannot afford to retain us by paying out of pocket. Zealous legal representation is making legal services available to those in need by utilizing the strong pro-consumer laws in the great State of California. Please browse our website to determine how you can benefit from our legal services. Feel free to contact us if you have any specific legal needs. ALL initial consultations are FREE. Welcome to our family!

Questions? Concerns? Call Us at (818) 553-1000

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We are a consumer protection law firm that has been representing consumer throughout the state of California.

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Those who own a lemon vehicle and those who have been a victim of dealer fraud have to take the proper steps to ensure that they can get their case resolved and receive the proper buyback. We are here to give these consumers a fair representation and protect their rights under California Lemon Law and Dealer Fraud without charging any out of pocket expenses. Many attorneys charge clients either a flat fee or hourly to resolve a lemon law or dealer fraud issue. Our office is confident that we can do a great job in representing you and recover the most possible, hence we take cases on contingency basis – this means if we do not get a settlement, we do not get paid and you as a consumer have no up-front out-of-pocket expenses.

Having a “lemon” as a vehicle is not only a financial burden: Driving a defective vehicle places you and your family into extremely dangerous and unsafe situation when on the road. Giving your lemon law claim the proper touch will not only make sure you get the maximum you can get as a refund, but will help you speed up the process and place yourself and your family back into a safe and sound vehicle once again.

Being a victim of dealer fraud is one of the most frustrating and unpleasant experiences you will ever go through. Let our office handle your case as this is the only field we practice and litigate rigorously. Most defense law firms and even dealerships are familiar with our solid practice principles and know that we will not settle a case for a penny less than what the client is entitled to.

At The Margarian Law Firm we are empowered to work purely on behalf of our clients and represent their rights under California Lemon Law and California Dealer Fraud. For immediate help and free consultation call our office at (818) 553-1000.

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