signing an Employment Contract
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Can an Employer Fire an Employee for Blogging?

Every employee should know some practical tips in order to avoid troubles when posting something on social sites. It is important to remember that your employer cannot fire you in all cases if he or she does not like your posts. There are some limits to an employer’s ability to fire employees for what they […]
california corporate trustee
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Understanding Corporate Trustees

A corporate trustee is considered to be a trust company or a bank trust department. A trust is a legal document that allows you to save taxes, reduce unnecessary legal fees and keep control over your assets even if you become physically or mentally incapacitated. You may choose as a corporate trustee any adult. However, […]
Questions to ask an Employer
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How Do Prenups Affect Community Property?

According to California law during the divorce in the absence of a prenup agreement all the property that is not a gift or inheritance will be divided equally between the spouses, and it doesn’t matter if the property is in one party’s name. If the property is a gift, or inheritance, then it is considered […]
can my employer ban smoking at my workplace
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Can Your Employer Ban Smoking in the Workplace in California?

The USA laws protect citizens against workplace discrimination. However, there are certain characteristics which rest beyond such control. Oftentimes employers are allowed to apply different rules for different classes. The only exception relates to the discrimination based on race, gender, age, or religion. Pursuant to California Labor Code Section 6404.5, the intent of the California […]
marital property division in ca
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How to Deal with House Issues If You Have Decided to Divorce?

In the divorce process the most difficult question is the family’s house, which is often the most valuable asset. Besides, people are emotionally connected to their home, especially when there are children involved. It has to be noted that before taking the decision of selling or keeping the house, the first step should be to determine […]
separation agreement in ca
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What is a Separation Agreement under California Law?

Oftentimes a husband and a wife may sign a legal separation agreement when they agree to live apart before the divorce. The main purpose of this agreement is to settle all possible issues that may arise between them. Generally, they arrive at the common conclusion regarding the most forefront and significant questions that may lie […]
pre-invention assignment agreement
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What are Pre-Invention Assignment Agreements?

Most employers today hire people who are in some way  involved in research, development or any other technical fields. This is the reason most employees want to sign pre-inventive agreements before they begin to work for any employer. These agreements are legal in most states except, California, Delaware, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Utah, and […]
appearance discrimination
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Appearance in the Workplace

According to the federal law, employees cannot be discriminated based on age, gender, religion, race, nationality, or disability because they cannot change these qualities. On the other hand, discrimination based on physical appearance is not a protected category in California. Some companies may even treat their employees differently based on their physical appearance. However, if you can prove […]
are job search companies resonsible?
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Legal Responsibility of Job Search Companies

Besides directly applying to employers for the job, the unemployed can also turn to private recruiters for the help in finding a job, or contact employment agencies for some short-term assignments. You should know that in latter cases you have the same legal rights as in directly applying to employers. Below, The Margarian Law Firm […]
modifying divorce agreement in ca
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Post-Divorce Modification Laws

Divorce can become a great financial burden on both spouses because under California law couples are required to pay for spousal or child support. The difficult economic times may also impact and change people’s financial circumstances and their ability to pay for support. However, it is possible to modify the post-divorce agreements with the court in […]