medical malpractice law in california
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California Dental Malpractice Law

California dental professionals face significant exposure to malpractice claims. In recent years, a great number of malpractice cases have come before the Supreme Court and the California district courts of appeal. It indicates the significance of these cases as they show that California law protects the citizens’ rights if they have been breached by dentists’ […]
california restraining order
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How to Obtain Restraining Order in California?

In California, temporary and permanent restraining orders are granted in family court, in cases of domestic violence (DV). There is no fee for filing a DV resraining order in California. Once restraining order has been filed, protection is granted by the police officers and criminal courts. In order to file for Domestic Violence Restraining Order […]
keep home in ca
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California Foreclosure Legal Service

Sometimes people are in threat to lose their homes because of debts, and to prevent themselves from this, they should take actions. Taking the service of experienced foreclosure lawyer will facilitate further actions in order to stop the foreclosure and keep your home for years to come. At The Margarian Law Firm, our lawyers can […]
ca pharmaceutical malpractice law
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California Pharmaceutical Malpractice Law

If you are sick or in pain, there are chances that your doctor will prescribe you to go to your local pharmacy in order to pick up some medications. Generally, people do not ask any questions because it is presumed that a doctor is an instructed professional and we should follow his or her prescriptions. […]
boating accident compensation
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California Boating Accident Lawyer

During summertime, more and more people start boating. Unfortunately, it can cause a variety of tragic accidents. The best way to avoid such problems is to take a boating safety courses which are available online and follow them. Nonetheless, it is clear that not all of us are able to be enough attentive and cautious. […]
closing down Your Business
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What Kind of Benefits Can You Get From Bankruptcy in CA?

Bankruptcy helps not only to wipe your debts but it also has another advantages, such as: - ending foreclosure, - stopping  creditor harassment and lawsuits, - wagging attachments, and - preventing repossession. Additionally, bankruptcy can also provide immediate relief and a long-term financial plan to those who are fighting to maintain payments on a major […]
summary dissolution in ca
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How to File Summary Dissolution in California?

Under California law, there are two ways of getting a divorce: -          Regular dissolution -          Summary dissolution. Summary dissolution is considered to be a shorter way and this procedure permits you to not appear in court. It is possible to use summary dissolution for couples who meet the following requirements: -  They have no children […]
sharing property
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What is Community Property and Separate Property?

  The main presumption under California law is that all assets and debts accumulated during marriage compose community property. If the couple is getting divorced and there is no prenuptial agreement, then all the property acquired during the marriage will be divided equally and equitably. Each spouse may also have separate property. Each spouse’s separate property […]
signing an Employment Contract
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Can an Employer Fire an Employee for Blogging?

Every employee should know some practical tips in order to avoid troubles when posting something on social sites. It is important to remember that your employer cannot fire you in all cases if he or she does not like your posts. There are some limits to an employer’s ability to fire employees for what they […]
california corporate trustee
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Understanding Corporate Trustees

A corporate trustee is considered to be a trust company or a bank trust department. A trust is a legal document that allows you to save taxes, reduce unnecessary legal fees and keep control over your assets even if you become physically or mentally incapacitated. You may choose as a corporate trustee any adult. However, […]