American Flag in Front of GM Building in Detroit
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GM Ignition Switch Death Toll Rises to 27

The number of deaths tied to a defective ignition switch in GM vehicles continues to rise. Now it stands at 27, up from 24 last week. The number of approved injury compensation claims remains unchanged at 16, according to General Motors Co. `s compensation fund.   General Motors has set up a fund to compensate […]
California Lemon Law
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California Lemon Law FAQs

What is a Lemon? A Lemon is the vehicle that has been in the dealership or a repair facility for repairs for four or more times due to the same problem or defect. If that defect substantially impairs the use, value and the safety of the vehicle, then the vehicle can be called a Lemon. […]
Reasons to make a Will
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Top 10 Reasons to make a Will

Life is full of surprises, as we can never predict what may happen to us. That is the reason why people make wills. The statistics show that people make wills in their 50s. In some cases making of a will is put off until 65 and more. Whatever the age of the will-maker, a will […]
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Creditor’s Rights in a California Bankruptcy Case

A creditor in bankruptcy is a person who has the right to payment or other remedy from the debtor who is filing bankruptcy. Creditor’s rights in bankruptcy have unique problems and issues during the whole procedure. Oftentimes, creditors receive a bankruptcy notice that they have no alternatives with respect to the claim against the debtor. […]
Negligent and  Reckless Driving Accidents in california
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Negligent and Reckless Driving in California Traffic Accidents

A road traffic injury is considered to be a fatal or non-fatal accident resulted from a collision on a public road involving at least one moving vehicle. Children, pedestrians and the elderly are among the most vulnerable of road users. Mandatory helmet laws and the use of safety equipment such as lights, flashers and proper […]
start a Home Business
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Things you need to start a Home Business

If you want to start a home business, then you are one of the millions of people who do so. There are certain things you will need (besides customers) when starting a home business. Read the following checklist to see whether you have got all the pre-requisites for starting a successful home business.
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I-601A Provisional Waiver

I-601A Provisional Waiver If you entered the USA illegally beginning of 2013 and have family members (parents, spouses, and children) who are citizens, then you have the right to file for a hardship waiver (also known as I-601A provisional waiver). In order to obtain such a waiver, the you must prove that you pose extreme […]
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Qualification for a Green Card through Employment

Qualification for a Green Card through Employment The Margarian Law Firm lawyers are ready to assist those who are trying to obtain a green card in California through employment. We work on the following visas: - H-1B - H-2A - H-2B - H-3 - TN. Under US immigration law, foreigners are also able to receive […]
starting a Business
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5 Reasons to contact an Attorney before starting a Business

These days more and more people choose the option of starting a business of their own. The type of business entity usually depends on the specifics of the given business. There may be one individual to whom it all belongs or there may be a number of people who have gathered together over one idea.
GM Faulty Ignition Switch Defect
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21 Deaths Now Linked to GM Faulty Ignition Switch Defect

The number of deaths tied to a defective ignition switch in GM vehicles continues to rise. A week after Kenneth Feinberg, the attorney and independent administrator overseeing a GM compensation fund for victims, has disclosed the death toll had swollen to 19 from the initial 13, comes news of another 2 fatalities linked to the […]
Lemon Law Myths
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Top 5 Lemon Law Myths

Different states have got different Lemon Laws. That’s the reason you need to contact a Lemon Lawyer who works in your state and who will provide you with a good advice about your state Lemon Law, otherwise you may start to believe in several Lemon Law myths that have been generated by people who have no idea […]
closing down Your Business
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Chronology of Closing down Your Business

Starting a business is one thing, closing it up is another one. There are several legal and financial issues that should be resolved when closing down your business. Below are the steps of closing down a business in the right chronological order.
Questions on Student Rights
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Common Questions on Student Rights

It seems  people know everything about their rights, but when time comes to protect themselves they do not know what to start with. Hence, this article will give you insights about student rights. Following are several commonly asked questions on student rights and our answers to them.
gm defective recall
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At Least 19 Deaths Linked to Defective GM Vehicles

  The number of people killed by defective GM vehicles is higher than GM`s initial estimate and stands at 19. The automaker previously disclosed only 13 deaths linked to faulty ignition switches, but Ken Feinberg, the attorney and independent administrator (Feinberg has administered compensation money after such catastrophes as the BP oil spill in the […]
Alibi Defense
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What is an Alibi Defense?

An alibi defense is a common type of criminal defense which is based on the idea of proving that the defendant was not present at the scene of the crime when it was occurring. The defendant must prove that he/she was somewhere else when the crime was being committed; hence, he/she cannot be the person […]