Car Accident Injuries
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Common Car Accident Injuries

A car accident is an incident that may pose serious safety hazards and may result in fatal injuries. Depending on the type of the collision, there may be different car accident injuries.
Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer
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Questions to ask a personal Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered in a personal injury accident, you may want to hire a personal injury attorney. But before hiring one, there are several questions to ask a personal injury lawyer in order to see whether he/she can successfully handle your case or not.
after a car accident
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Things to do after a Car Accident

One may be too confused after a car accident, but there are a number of things to do after you have been involved in one. Do not let emotions overcome you, take quick steps in order to avoid future problems.
School Bullying
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Several Types of School Bullying

School bullying is one of the most difficult experiences a child may have. Many people think that bullying involves physical acts only; however, it may take a more complex form and may result in serious emotional troubles.
Questions to ask an Employer
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Questions to ask an Employer before signing the Employment Contract

Of course, you may be delighted just because you are going to sign a job contract. However, the thing is that there are certain questions to ask an employer if you do not want to regret for your decision of signing that contract later on.
Common Car Defects
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Vehicle Safety: Common Car Defects

Different people prefer different cars; some like high speed sports cars, others are obsessed with the latest technological innovations in a car, some people set safety in the first place. We expect our vehicles to be beautiful, fast, comfortable and, of course, safe.
Children with Special Needs
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Education Rights for Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs should get the education to which they are entitled independent of the type of problem they have. This means that no school has got the right to refuse admitting these children or providing them with special services and help.
start a business
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5 Tips to start a Business

Starting a business may be quite profitable for an individual or a group of them. However, there are certain things to consider when you start a business, so that it is a success. Some people even hire a business law attorney to help them choose the type of business entity that will suit their activities […]
signing an Employment Contract
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Things you should keep in Mind when signing an Employment Contract

An employment contract is a tool that may guarantee bonuses, job security, and career growth. However, if you are not careful enough, the employment contract may turn into a real trouble for you. Employees need to protect themselves from unlawful practices by some employers.
Filing civil lawsuit for compensation from criminal case
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California Violent Crime Victims Civil Lawsuit Law

Violent crimes can cause pain and trauma to the victims. Nonetheless, money recovered in a civil lawsuit cannot compensate all damages and sufferings but it makes easier to cover medical bills and helps to start rebuilding the life after such an incident. A violent crime may be defined as an offense involving force or threat […]
how can I recover my damages?
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What Are the Main Types of Losses Which May Be Covered by Compensation in California Personal Injury Cases?

Dictionaries define losses as “unrecoverable and usually unanticipated and non-recurring removal of, or decrease in, an asset or resource”. In everyday life due to negligent acts of third persons everyone can suffer different losses. Fortunately, under California law a variety of losses might be compensated. Generally, there are three types of losses that can be […]
wrongful death vs. homicide
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What is the difference between wrongful death and criminal homicide?

A wrongful death and a criminal homicide case result in the death of a person. If it is a wrongful death case, the decedent’s relatives pursue the claim in civil court to get compensation for damages caused by the death of the person. If it is a criminal homicide case, the state is responsible for […]
comparative negligence under California law
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What is California Comparative Negligence Laws?

Oftentimes we meet the term “comparative negligence” when determining who is liable for recovering damages for caused personal injuries. Generally, comparative negligence indicates the fault of the liable parties upon the degree of their carelessness to the accident. For example, comparative negligence in an auto accident may relate to the headlamp, broken lights in the […]
What is Plagiarism
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Intellectual Property Law: What is Plagiarism?

You may have asked yourself ”What is plagiarism and how to avoid it?” In reality, it is rather hard to define plagiarism, as it may occur in all the spheres of human activity. Usually, plagiarism is defined as the wrongful appropriation of someone else’s ideas, words, thoughts and representing them as your own. Plagiarism is […]
Types of Business Entities
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What are the main Types of Business Entities?

There are several types of business entities that differ from one another considerably. One should know about each of them to be able to start a productive business. Hence, we will provide you with the brief description of each of business entity types in this article.