self-driving vehicles
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Self-Driving Vehicles on Germany’s A9 Autobahn

Germany seems to be quite welcoming towards self-driving vehicles. Such vehicles will be tested on Germany’s busy A9 autobahn which links Munich and Berlin. However, no official launch date has been announced yet. German automakers have been developing driverless cars for years. Self-driving vehicles can be driven on highways and in cities with no the interference […]
usera opportunities for veterans in ca
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Issues for Veterans in Employment Search

One of the highest priorities of the U.S. Federal Government is assisting veterans with employment. Veterans can obtain employment irrespective of their service length or discharge date. In addition, the employers cannot discriminate against and refuse employment to veterans. However, this rule is not applied if the veteran was dishonestly discharged. Below, The Margarian Law Firm […]
how to discipline employees in California?
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How to Discipline Employees?

There are a lot of problems at workplace which require discipline measures for employees, such as: Poor attendance Dress code violations Harassment or discrimination. Business professionals should be aware of how to address the most common disciplinary infractions. It should be noted that well-prepared documentation is the main concept of the establishment of employee’s discipline. […]
federal discrimination complaint
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Federal Employees’ Discrimination Complaint Process

For the federal employees, the entire claim process of the federal government non-discrimination employment totally differs from public sector and other public entities laws. Employees who work in federal sector have a short time to file a charge of discrimination. The first steps should be taken within 45 (forty five) days of the discriminatory act. […]
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Spousal Support in California

Sometimes, after a divorce couples can still file for spousal support depending on their circumstances. Spousal support differs from child support in a number of ways: - Length of marriage - Age and health - Education - Standard of living during marriage - Domestic violence - Custody of the minor children - Etc. If the […]
New Opportunities under COBRA
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When Are You Eligible For Continuation of Health Coverage?

According to COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act), employees, who are fired or laid off, or they otherwise become ineligible for benefits, can still continue their employer-provided health insurance. The employee has to pay the full premium at the employer-negotiated group rate, which costs less, than buying an individual policy on the open market. Thus, […]
Justice for Workers
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Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was established into a federal law in 1993. This act gives employees the right to leave from work for an unpaid period of time without losing their jobs.  However, there are some conditions for those who would like to qualify for leave under the FMLA. These are some, […]
Insurance agent paying compensation money to injured businessman vector
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California Workers’ Compensation FAQ

Injuries or illnesses sustained during work should be covered by workers compensation benefits. These benefits are usually paid by the employer. Deciding whether or not the injury should be covered by workers’ compensation often becomes difficult to decide. The two main factors which determine workers’ compensation benefits should be received or not are the following:  […]
Helping handicapped persons
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Equal Employment Opportunity Under Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted in 1990 to protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination in the employment sector, hiring, pay, promotion, firing…etc. For instance, employers cannot discriminate against qualified workers with disabilities, but they are required to provide accommodations for the disabled worker if it does not cause undue hardship. Pursuant to the […]
Wooden Mallet and flag Of California (clipping path included)
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Nine Laws You Should Know If You Live in California

Thinking about moving to California? Check out the following laws you should know if you have decided to live in the Golden State. 1. DUI threshold Like other states in the U.S., California has adopted 0.08 blood alcohol concentration limit for drivers, but drunk driving fines and penalties are uniquely Californian. They may vary depending […]