Understanding Non-compete Agreements in CA
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How to Enforce a Non-Compete Agreement in California?

Are you losing your inner professional secrets or valuable employees in California? In this case, you should get to know how you may protect your rights by singing non-compete agreements. Generally, after signing a non-compete agreement (also known as a “covenant not to compete”), an employee promises not to work for a competitor for a […]
signing an Employment Contract
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How to Fire an Employee in California?

If you determine the employee does not have a contract, you may fire the employee for any legal reason.  If the employee has an implied contract, it is allowed to fire him or her only for “good cause.” And if you have an express written contract with an employee and you want to terminate it, […]
ca implied-in-fact contract law
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What is Implied-in-Fact Contract?

If an employee has an employment contract – whether written or oral, express or implied – that contract may limit your ability to end or fire the employee. So if an employment contract is signed, an employer may fire the employee only for “good cause.” However, it is not always easy to determine if an […]
work for hire in ca
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What Is a Work for Hire Clause?

One of the most common parts of employment contracts is the clause to work for hire. If you work for hire, you employer is entitled to have the rights and ownership of all ideas and discoveries that you make. This ownership allows to possess copyrights for all the items produced during the work under a […]
Lemon law attorney
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Thoughts and Reflections by Hovanes Margarian, Esq.; Appreciation to Fellow Members of the Board of Governors and the Armenian Bar Association

June 12, 2015 – Los Angeles, CA   After over a decade of active involvement in the Armenian Bar Association, it is with pride and fulfillment that I complete my term on its Board of Governors this weekend as the Association hosts its annual conference. Starting in late 2003, I recollect being the only law […]
surgeon malpractice
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California Surgeon Malpractice Law

When surgeons and/or staff fail to follow the procedures, they put patients’ lives at risk. Surgical patients place their lives in the hands of the surgical professionals, trusting them to follow accepted standards of care, but when the trust is violated, the patients have a right to be compensated. Preventable surgical errors continue to injure […]
transvaginal mesh compensation in ca
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Caliofrnia Transvaginal Mesh Failure Law

What is Transvaginal Mesh Failure Law? Plaintiffs in transvaginal mesh lawsuits in California have reported a number of serious injuries that echo the types of complications occurred during the operations, including: Mesh erosion through vaginal tissue, Infection, Bleeding, Vaginal mesh erosion, Pain, infection, bleeding, and pain during intercourse, Urinary problems, Organ perforation, Organ Perforation, Emotional […]
medical statute of limitations in ca
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Medical Malpractice Statute of Limitations in California

Under California law, any person, who has been injured due to the negligence of a medical professional, is allowed to file a lawsuit in order to seek monetary compensation, including all injuries occurring from: Actions taken by a professional, Actions which have not been taken promptly, or Actions which were failed to be taken at […]
ca gun trust law
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California Gun Trust Law

  Under California law, some assets require additional attention in order to avoid unintended consequences in the future. Your estate planning attorney must be very careful related to the issues of your estate planning because firearms are particularly regulated under state and federal laws.   Many American families have long history with firearms and their […]
motorcycle accident in ca
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California Motorcycle Accident Law

In the United States of America, one of the most leading causes of fatal roadway accidents is motorcycle accidents. Many areas of law are involved into such accidents, such as personal injury, product liability, fault issues, helmet laws, and property rights. Below, The Margarian Law Firm lawyers will introduce you the main elements of the […]