Does the California Lemon Law Cover Business Vehicles?

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Wondering if the California lemon law applies to your company car or the truck you`ve bought for business purposes? The California lemon law generally provides protection for consumers who purchased or leased a new car covered by express written warranty for personal purposes. If the car dealer or automaker fails to fix car defect undertaking a reasonable number of attempts, the owner is entitled to reimbursement under the lemon law. In some limited cases business vehicles can also be covered by the California lemon law. Read more

Lemon Law Buyback: What you should Know About It

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If your vehicle, covered by original warranty, exhibits a substantial defect, which the automaker can`t eliminate within a reasonable number of repair attempts, it should be replaced or repurchased. According to the California Lemon Law, the manufacturer must make the car a safe operating vehicle, offer a replacement or refund the repurchase to satisfy its obligations. The title of the vehicle repurchased by automaker due to unfixable problems gets permanent “lemon law buyback” notation and can`t be voided no matter how many repairs have been made.  Read more

Why Car Leasing Is So Popular Today?

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When in the market for a new vehicle consumers wonder whether it`s better to buy it or lease. In recent years leasing a car has become very popular mainly due to attractive lease terms offered by car dealers. When you can drive a vehicle off the dealer`s lot with approximately $199-$299-a month lease instead of $2,000-$25000 due at signing you can help yielding to this enticing deal. Latest Experian report revealed that 28.4% of financed cars in the fourth quarter of 2013 were leased.

Pay-as-you-go approach seems to have seeped into the auto market fueling strong car sales. Car leasing is more popular with young buyers who don`t care they won`t own the car at the end of the lease`s term and will end up paying several thousand dollars more compared with buying a car. Read more

Lemon Law For Used Cars

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Most of state lemon laws are designed to protect new car owners. Anyhow, it doesn`t mean that lemon law for used car doesn`t exist, and the customer who has bought a lemon has no recourse. Defective used car qualifies under the California Lemon Law when it comes with a warranty which can be either

• Carmaker`s warranty
• Dealer`s limited warranty
• Extended warranty bought with the vehicle Read more

What Consumers Should Know About RV Lemon Law

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Having home on wheels for traveling and enjoying the RV lifestyle is a dream for many consumers. But those who made major investments in recreational vehicles may have their dreams ruined if their motor homes have multiple problems while travelling, are constantly breaking down on the road or continuously taken to the dealer`s place for one repair after another. Read more

Why You Should Avoid California Lemon Law Arbitration

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The California Lemon Law is one of the strongest and sophisticated statutes across the U.S. which it nearly impossible for automakers to evade lemon justice. Anyhow, car manufacturers always have chance to make use of consumers` lack of knowledge and leave them with their lemons and useless repairs without paying reimbursement. To avoid this kind of situations consumers stuck with their lemon cars are entitled to take legal steps against the automaker or its authorized representatives. Read more

Why You Should Hire a Lemon Law Attorney to File A Lemon Law Buyback Claim

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As defined by the California lemon law statute the manufacturers are obliged to replace or repurchase vehicles still covered by original warranty when they are not able to fix vehicle defect within a reasonable number of attempts. If a lemon car is replaced or repurchased it is called a lemon law buyback. Vehicle owners entitled to lemon law buyback can also apply for compensation of “incidental damages” which include towing charges, repair expenses etc. Read more

Determining Reasonable Repair Opportunities under the California Lemon Law

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As provided for in the Song-Beverly Warranty Act of California, consumers must first seek their Lemon Car redresses from the car dealer or the manufacturer before engaging the legal system in yet another in the never ending processions of legal actions.

The law states that the amount of repairs sought by the car buyer must be reasonable. What the “reasonable” level of repairs sought is differs according to what may be wrong with a given vehicle. If the automotive problem is defined as a serious one– like a braking failure that may endanger the driver, passengers or others– then even just one or two repair visits may be deemed sufficient for garnering an official Lemon Car label. Read more

The California Lemon Law and Motor Vehicle Warranties- FAQ’s

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When you purchase a new car from an auto dealer, chances are good that there will be some kind of warranty included along with the vehicle. Following are some frequently asked questions about motor vehicle warranties as pertains to their relation to the California Lemon Law. Read more

Defining Lemon Law and Consumer Rights

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A lemon car is a new vehicle with a substantial defect that affects the car’s use, value, or safety. Many times these defects do not surface until sometime after a purchase. If, after several attempts to fix the defect, the car is still not repaired, it may be a lemon. When it is a new vehicle, the braking system, steering system, wiring, gas tank, and any other component that makes the vehicle safe are considered substantial. Read more