recovering compensation after a bicycle accident in California
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How Can A Lawyer Help You if You are Involved in a Bus Accident in CA?

Usually, mass transit services are considered to be safe, however, even accidents involving buses may happen. It is difficult to bring claims against persons who are responsible for safe transportation of passengers because various issues of governmental immunity or determination of fault start arising. Typical buses have little impact on the passengers inside due to […]
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California Business Litigation Lawyer

Competitive marketplace is the best stimulant of economic activity and growth since it guarantees the widest possible freedom of action to everyone. In such conditions any damage caused by corporate officer can lead to the loose of advantages by any corporation. It occurs that illegal actions, like sabotage, lead to a lawsuit in order to […]
bankruptcy chapter california
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How to File for Bankruptcy under Chapter 7

In the following article you may find out the activities you need to complete while filling forms from the chapter 7 in order to discharge your debts in California: 1. Analyze your debt. There are not dischargeable debts in Chapter 7, such as child support obligations. 2. Determine your property exemptions. There are different exclusion […]
innovative BMW 7 series
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The New Innovative BMW 7 Series

October 2015 will be marked by the release of the all-new innovative BMW 7 series. The vehicle’s features will make it the most innovative car in its class, according to the automaker. The main component of the vehicle is the Carbon Core frame that is stronger and at the same time lighter than in previous […]
California Bankruptcy Law
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How to Reorganize Your Small Company through Filing Bankruptcy in California under Chapter 11?

The Chapter 11 of U.S.C. is aimed for companies who face financial difficulties and can be in a danger of bankruptcy in case of non-payment or cancellation of company debt repayments. In order to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 11, the companies may be formed as corporations, partnerships or sole proprietorships. The chapter 11 can […]
Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer
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How May You Benefit From Maternity and Paternity Leave in California?

Pregnant women have benefits and financial aid, whether they are employed or not. After the adoption of The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), most workers were entitled to up to 12 weeks of job-protected medical leave for birth or adoption. Unfortunately, the FMLA doesn’t state any coverage for those who work for smaller companies. […]
Understanding Non-compete Agreements in CA
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How to Enforce a Non-Compete Agreement in California?

Are you losing your inner professional secrets or valuable employees in California? In this case, you should get to know how you may protect your rights by singing non-compete agreements. Generally, after signing a non-compete agreement (also known as a “covenant not to compete”), an employee promises not to work for a competitor for a […]
signing an Employment Contract
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How to Fire an Employee in California?

If you determine the employee does not have a contract, you may fire the employee for any legal reason.  If the employee has an implied contract, it is allowed to fire him or her only for “good cause.” And if you have an express written contract with an employee and you want to terminate it, […]
ca implied-in-fact contract law
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What is Implied-in-Fact Contract?

If an employee has an employment contract – whether written or oral, express or implied – that contract may limit your ability to end or fire the employee. So if an employment contract is signed, an employer may fire the employee only for “good cause.” However, it is not always easy to determine if an […]
work for hire in ca
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What Is a Work for Hire Clause?

One of the most common parts of employment contracts is the clause to work for hire. If you work for hire, you employer is entitled to have the rights and ownership of all ideas and discoveries that you make. This ownership allows to possess copyrights for all the items produced during the work under a […]