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Understanding California Dental Malpractice

California dental professionals face significant exposure to malpractice claims. In recent years, a great number of malpractice cases have come before the Supreme Court and the California district courts of appeal. It indicates the significance of these cases as they show that California law protects the citizens’ rights if they have been breached by dentists’ negligence.

Dentistry involves medical knowledge unique to this medical field, as the health of teeth is important not only for a person’s physical well-being but also for his or her appearance, so dentists must consider both aspects when providing treatment. Below are the main elements of the California Dental Malpractice Law.

What is California Dental Malpractice Law?

Dental malpractice is when dental services provider fails to properly diagnose or treat an oral health condition with significant injury or death. Dental malpractice cases occur from a negligent conduct of a dental professional, including:
  • Failure to diagnose dental disease
  • Delayed disease diagnosis (i.e. oral cancer)
  • Causing cosmetic damage to teeth, lips, jaw or face
  • Errors in surgical procedure
  • Piercing or cutting healthy tissue resulted in nerve damage
  • Fracturing the tooth with dental instruments
  • Extracting healthy teeth
  • Using unsterile tools, leading to infection or blood poisoning
  • Failure to properly treat an oral health condition
Dental malpractice cases as well as dental product liability claims are often complex and require an experienced dental malpractice attorney to represent the facts of the injury to make the necessary links between the negligent act and actual injury.

To prove the breach of a duty of care, a patient must prove that the dental professional acted in a manner that is out of the standard of care. Documented written evidence is very important in proving a dental malpractice case, which also can help to prove the claim. So it is very important for a patient to document bad dental care, the related symptoms, and injuries. Documenting such things in a dental malpractice claim gives weight and credibility to the injured patient’s version of events.

Obtaining Compensation if You Suffered Dental Malpractice in California

In fact, we understand all complexities of the legal system. And we have a positive record of obtained compensation for our clients. The amount of monetary compensation you deserve depends on your case. The Margarian Law Firm lawyers can take care of all issues related to your dental malpractice case. We will prepare all the required documents and will act as your advocate in all proceedings and hearings.

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