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If you have no will or proper trust, your beneficiaries can face significant tax burdens to the estate. Moreover, it can result in a variety of other challenges which can take years to resolve. For example, without proper estate planning, your children may be left to the mercy of other people, or your family members can be torn apart over certain medical care decisions without a valid health care decision.

California Estate Planning is essentially the process of your assets’ preserving and growing during life, elimination of uncertainties of the asset’s disposition at death and arranging the pass of them to the next generation in an orderly manner. The Margarian Law Firm lawyers help to plan the distribution of the assets of our clients. The greatest protection for your assets is to plan for the future of the family and business ahead and be prepared for different situations. We evaluate the needs of each client based on our many years of experience and provide the best advice to achieve the varying needs of our clients. Particularly, our estate planning services are dedicated to assisting you with a broad range of estate planning concerns, including:

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