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Heart Attack Misdiagnosis

One of the leading causes of death is heart attack. Annually, around 500.000 out of 1.5 million people die because of a heart attack in the U.S. Nonetheless, modern technologies allow to diagnose and treat many forms of heart disease. Oftentimes, heart attacks result from coronary artery disease which means that person’s arteries are narrowing and they are not able to supply blood to the heart.

However, numerous heart attack victims can avoid serious damages and get back to normal life if they get proper treatment. In general, the symptoms of heart attack can be mistaken with ordinary heart irregularities, such as shortness of breath or upper arm or shoulder pain.

But take into consideration that timely diagnosis can help overcome sufferings and save the life. Unfortunately, it happens that the doctors:
  • Provide a delayed diagnosis
  • Misdiagnose heart disease
It is shocking but thousands people pass away because of failure to diagnose heart disease or mistaking it with another disease. That is the responsibility of the medical community to determine the occurring spots of the disease and prevent lethal outcome. It occurs more often that the disease spots are being found only in emergency rooms. Hospitals and doctors can be accountable for heart disease misdiagnosing or delayed diagnosis of the disease. In order to bring them to the responsibility you should prove that they operated in a negligent manner. Mainly, the following persons can be responsible for the misdiagnosed or delayed diagnosis of heart attack:
  • doctors,
  • emergency room physicians,
  • healthcare providers.
If you or a loved one suffered a heart attack misdiagnosis in California, you may file a malpractice lawsuit based on a wrong diagnosis, if:
  • A relationship patient-doctor existed;
  • The doctor was negligent and he did not provide treatment in a skillful and competent manner;
  • The patient’s actual injury was the result of the doctor’s negligence.
The Margarian Law Firm takes care of all issues related to your heart attack misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis cases, including hiring and working with expert witnesses to develop clear and effective testimony for gathering and evaluating all evidence to support your lawsuit. We will prepare all the required documents and will act as your advocate in all proceedings or hearings.

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