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California Wills Attorney

The main purpose of the will is to ensure the distribution of assets at death. Your must appoint an executor who will collect and distribute your assets as well as administer your estate. Moreover, the will allows to name the guardian of your minor children. If you have a living trust, the assets will be distributed pursuant to the provisions of the trust.

Below, The Margarian Law Firm lawyers will introduce you the main elements of the California Wills Laws. Moreover, in the resources of our site you can find detailed information about various aspects of estate planning in California.
  1. The Main Problems of Drafting a Will
  2. How A California Will Attorney May Help You

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1. What are the Common Mistakes of Writing a Will?

Briefly, a will is a document including instructions for the property distribution after your death and who will be the guardian of your minor children and administer your assets.
A surprising number of people try to draft their own wills. Unfortunately, it may lead to tragic outcomes because it is believed that it is enough to type and sign a will. Moreover, such wills may be contested by heirs and your intentions will not be carried out. But if you do not have a will, or you have drafted an invalid will, you may die “inestate”. Under California law, if a person did not leave a will before his or her death, the estate will be distributed according to state law.

So what will happen if I have no Will or an Invalid Will?
Pursuant to California Probate Code, without a will the property will be distributed and heirs will be determined by answering to certain questions. Determining the heirs involves answering a series of questions about the person who died. The most important questions are whether the decedent had a spouse and what type of property he or she owed (community, separate, or a combination of them).

2. Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

In the United States, there are 50 states. Every state has its own laws which may reflect the California legislation or not. Oftentimes, our clients tried to draft a will by themselves by forgetting that a simple book cannot deal with nuances of all heir laws of 50 states. For example, under California law, it is required to have two individual witnesses in order to have a valid will. Unfortunately, many do-it-yourself people have only one witness signature, or only a notary signature.

Even people who choose holographic wills face numerous problems related to the forming of it. There are a lot of cases when it can be recognized invalid and the probate judge will be obliged to consider such will as invalid.

The Margarian Law Firm offers our clients both estate planning packages and individual estate planning documents. We try to make the process as simple as possible. At our Law Firm, we will evaluate your specific estate planning need and we will carry out your wishes as you desire. If you want to learn more about California Estate Planning, we encourage you to speak with our knowledgeable and experienced lawyers who will help you to develop a plan that saves you the most money.

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