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Real Estate Law either directly or indirectly impacts all of us and more specifically landlords, house-owners, house-buyers, house-sellers, and renters. By saying “real property” we mean land and anything that grows or comes out of it or is affixed to it in some way (for example minerals, gases under the land; buildings, crops on the land).

Several rights may be attached to the real property, such as the right to live on the property during a given time period or to dig the ground beneath the land etc.

The law, which is also known as Property Law, is regulated both by federal and state statutes. The practice area of Real Estate Law deals with various issues including, but not limited to the following:
  • Rights and interests in real property
  • Sales, purchases and rents of real estate and real property
  • Tenants’, renters’ and landowners’ rights
  • Zoning and land use
  • Settlement of claims against property rights
In many aspects Real Estate Law overlaps with Contract Law. In addition, it is closely tied to other areas of law such as the inheritance law, criminal law and family law. For example, the rights of a spouse in the marital home are tied both to Real Estate Law and Family Law. This means, that when dealing with property issues, the help of an experienced Real Estate lawyer will be needed.

Issues with the real property and the interests, benefits, and rights attached to it can cause a lot of headaches.
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