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2019 Margarian Scholarship

ATTN: Please DO NOT CALL the office about the scholarship.
The office staff will not be able to help you. All pertinent information, from dates/deadlines to qualifications, can be found in the downloadable application package.


We are very excited to announce the 2020 Margarian Scholarship. We are proud of all our brilliant scholarship recipients over the past years, who have shown dedication and commitment not only to their education but also to their society and community.

As in past years, the 2020 Margarian Scholarship is aimed at rewarding a select number of deserving students for their academic and personal achievements. Our application is designed to be broad to give you the opportunity to present all the reasons why you are the most deserving candidate. We are seeking students who have demonstrated a commitment to their heritage, community, and society through persistence, dedication, success, and humility. Note, that we do not only determine recipients solely on G.P.A. basis or economic hardship. Rather, we seek the most deserving candidate based on a multitude of factors mentioned. The scholarship will be in the form of a check payable to the recipient and may be applied towards past, present, or future tuition expenses. The scholarship prizes will consist of five (5) awards of $1,000 each.

Like many of the applicants, we have also come from a humble beginning. Thus, it is with all those experiences in mind that we established the annual scholarship fund to help those who are on the same path. Not necessarily the path to becoming an attorney, but the path to bettering themselves with a clear vision for the future. We welcome your application and are truly excited for the opportunity to reward the most deserving candidates.

The application deadline is August 1, 2020.

Winners will be announced on September 1, 2020.

Very truly yours,
Margarian Scholarship Fund

APPLICATION PACKAGE (Please download BOTH PDF files)

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